About Us

Imported By Poncho is a small business devoted to bringing Mexican and Peruvian clothing items into Canada. With an extensive assortment of leather goods and alpaca wool items, Imported By Poncho is the perfect destination for those looking to survive harsh Canadian winters.  
Imported By Poncho was created in 2009 by Alfonso Melo with the simple idea of importing unique clothing items from several countries in Central and South America. He wanted to ensure that customers were getting exactly what they deserved, emphasizing durability, cultural significance and individuality in each and every item.
Products of the highest quality are sold to ensure customer satisfaction. 
Cultural significance
Each clothing item is hand selected for that special touch of Mexican and Peruvian culture. 
Providing unique, handmade clothing items that are truly one-of-a-kind. 

With a passion for sales, Alfonso is dedicated to managing the production of leather goods, alpaca wool sweaters and other unique items from Mexico and their subsequent sale in Ontario, Canada. Imported by Poncho can be found at several events in North America such as concerts, crafts shows, farmers markets and many others. Alfonso  single handedly runs stalls where customers can interact directly with the brand and purchase some of the unique and handmade
products by Imported By Poncho. 
You can purchase all of Imported By Poncho’s handmade items online in the shop or if you happen to catch Al at some of these events. Help support this truly small business!
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